SUU Football

SUU Football
Captains before game against Northen Iowa

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Before we run out of the locker room to the field, we partake in a war cry if you may. Kouri Jones is our Indian Chief and leads us younger Indians in the chant. It goes as follows: SU GOTTA EAT! MAN I HATE DEFEAT. FEED ME! (and the team comes in together and says) T-BIRDS GOTTA EAT!

It's a fun tradition that we've done for the past two season. It really gets me pumped before the games. I bop up and down to the beat of the T-bird drum.

Exit Interviews

As we depart from school to the summer, the coaches ask for exit interviews so we can find out what we need to do to be the very best player we can be. I really like these, because I like to know where I stand. I have learned to take criticism after living with my family for so long. We are brutally honest with each other, so I'm used to being called fat and stupid. Anywho, I had my interviews today and I know what I need to do this summer. It's not going to be easy, but it will be worth it.

We're still working out

So, I said earlier that our coaches are making us work out still. With finals and everything around the corner, Coach Lamb tells us even the all-academic students need to workout. So we have to as well. We've been doing these cross-fit type workouts that are super tough, but we turn it into a competition. And like any other college boy, we compete for everything. I don't know why we get so prideful about being the best or fastest, but it makes the workout actually fun.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We Have To Lift This Week

Spring ball is over, but we still have time to get a couple good lifts in. The offense and defense will split up and lift at different times this week for a "recovery workout". I'll probably need another recovery workout after that one. I feel that this workout is going to help us out with something coach Lamb likes to do; catch Bald Eagles with his bare hands. He always invites us to tag along with him over the summer, and maybe little workouts like this will help.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Spring Game

We were not able to hold our annual Red and White game this year due to many injuries. We just had a regular scrimmage and it was nice. The weather was probably 50 degrees warmer than last week's scrimmage. I couldn't feel my toes due to all the snow from last week, and then this week, I got a sunburn. Cedar's weather is kind of nuts.

However, it was a great scrimmage. The offense made some good plays, the defense made some good plays, and the kickers kicked the ball in the air really well. There was a great relief when Coach Lamb blew the final whistle, I thought to myself, "Yes...." My body is also relieved that it's over, but the very next day I was missing it. I have this love/hate relationship with football, and that's what sports is I guess.

So, now the summer awaits us. That long and dread period where we don't get the proper coaching we're used to. It's all on our shoulders to get better. It's going to hurt, but that's the only way we get better.

A Nice Moment

I remember the feeling I had when Coach Lamb told me that I would be receiving a half scholarship. All of my hard work had finally paid off to the point where I was recognized and I could help ease the burden of my parents paying for school. It was a very humbling moment for my family and I.

Last week, Coach Lamb announced in a team meeting that four guys were receiving scholarships. They hadn't heard anything from him until that moment. It was one of the sweetest things I had ever seen, like when the people in that Extreme Makeover show when they reveal the new house. Three of the four guys were sitting close to each other and praises and cheers and applauding broke out for those guys that really deserved it. One of them pointed up to the sky and whispered "thank you". It was very precious and it helped me realize that football is more than just a game.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Injuries are an essential part of sports. In most cases you can't prevent it. It really "just happens". It has happened to our team a lot this spring. For the most part it has happened to many starters due to the high amount of reps they take. When they get hurt, it gives the younger players a chance to play when it didn't seem likely that they would ever play.

Probably the nastiest injury thus far in Spring Ball goes to Darron Griffin. It was a play I was involved in, and it could have been my fault. I was running to block one of the linebackers and he basically got the best of me. trailing behind me was Daron, he was pulling to pick up the next backer and he had his hand on my back to kind of guide his way through the hole. When I blown back, his finger got caught in my pads and his middle finger bone broke and ripped through the skin. I heard about his injury a few minutes later and I almost threw up because that stuff just freaks me out. the next day I learned that his bone was basically on my shoulder. It wasn't very serious, it has been repaired and he will be back on the field soon.

The one big thing that has hurt us with injuries is that we won;t be having our annual "Read and White Spring Game". We just don't have enough players to form two teams. We will be having a regular scrimmage instead. It won't be as fun, but you'll still get to see the players perform. We hope y'all can make it! This Saturday at 11:30 a.m. at Eccles Coliseum.