SUU Football

SUU Football
Captains before game against Northen Iowa

Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 3

The days start passing by faster once you get accustomed to the schedule. Another week of weights passed with the much waited anticipation of the Saturday morning run. Like every Saturday, we waited for the call in the morning from our coach to see what awaited us. We did an ab workout then he asked us what we wanted to do. As we stood there quietly, everybody's minds screamed the same thing "nothing!". Then he said, "y'all wanna eat? Let's go get some food. get a break!" So, everybody had a much better Saturday for sure.
Just like everyday, we weren't satisfied with that. So, every position group stayed for an extra 30 minutes and did drills without their coaches. Then we finished with a short 7-on-7. The way this team takes ownership is exciting and motivating. We truly have some great leaders on this team, and the younger players never complain, they just listen and take the proper action to become a better player.
Just the other day, after a lift, a few players and I were outside on the field throwing and running routes. A new freshmen from Florida came up to me and humbly asked, "hey man, is there anything that you see that I can do better at? Like, what things am I doing wrong, what am I doing right?" I was grateful that he came to me for the help, but more than anything I was grateful he wanted to get better. A lot of people don't like to hear criticism, but as an athlete you have to learn to take criticism and find a way to get better.
We have a smorgas bord of players just like that. We all watch each other and we know who works hard and who doesn't. It's impelling to every individual to be perfect at what they do.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Saturday morning workout

The 2nd week has just ended, but it never ends without the Saturday workout. We do these tough workouts throughout the week to prepare us for the ghastly Saturday morning workout. the Saturday morning workout is very gruesome the last about 10 - 20 minutes. We all know that a football game does not last this long, we preserve our bodies to endure the full 60 minutes of a game. But in between plays we take a break, drink some water, catch our breath etc. The Saturday morning workout finds out who can make a play in the 4th quarter. We find who is willing to fight through any sort of pain to be able to come out on top. What I observed from this Saturday morning workout was unlike anything I have ever seen at an SUU football meeting, workout, or game.

We lost a lot of great seniors, and we are finding within ourselves who can be a new leader. What I saw Saturday morning was unlike anything any leader ever attempted last season. Towards the end of the workout which consisted of running up a 100 foot hill going forward, sideways, backwards, and even jumping up the hill; repeating those runs two more times to complete the Saturday morning workout. I counted four or five guys throwing up in a corner and trying to hide. Some of the older players shouted out to them, "Come on man! You ain't gotta throw up! You fine! Let's go!" And one by one, everybody was helping each other out. Young players were motivating older players. Then sophomore defensive end, Kouri Jones, started a chant "T-WHAT?! T-BIRD'S GOTTA EAT!" He would scream "t-what?" and the team would scream back "t-bird's gotta eat!" which galvanized the rest of the team to finish the Saturday morning run.

At the end of the workout, we came together and had a team break. The team still stuck around, stretching together and asking each other how they felt. Something I have observed with this team in the short two weeks we've been together: we are closer than we ever have been.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The 2012 T-Birds

The timing seems appropriate to start a blog about the Southern Utah University football team of 2012. After the season of 2011 just terminated, the beginning of off season workouts has just begun. I hope to post new updates weekly to notify the public of the progress of the team and to give a viewpoint from a member of the team, me. I am Mikey Tagliaferri, a red-shirt junior for the SUU football team. I am a fullback/tight-end/slot back and a communications major from Las Vegas.

We are in our second week of off-season workouts, and like the beginning of every season; our hopes are higher than moon. We have come together as a team this year instead of individuals. This will be an exciting season for it is our first season in the Big Sky conference, and we will be playing against two great FBS teams: Utah State University and University of California, Berkley (Cal).