SUU Football

SUU Football
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Thursday, February 2, 2012

KC Rawlinson

Whenever I see videos of those football players that played in the 50's and 60's I always think of KC Rawlinson. Those guys were the epitome of "tough guys" or the "warriors" on the football field. They played without facemasks and the dozen rules we play with today that protect the players. There was no such thing as a "horse collar" tackle or illegal hands to the face. Basically, anything and everything was allowed.
That's the type of player I think of when I see KC Rawlinson. A fire direction officer in the military and a rocket launcher on the football field, KC leads the special teams and the "oo's" and "aww's" that the crowd makes after some of his hits. He has no regard for his body as he flies down the field on kickoff running at full speed, and has no intentions on slowing down.
As a fellow teammate of KC on the special teams, I get the best view of KC knocking down people who literally stop running and cringe when he comes after them. I've seen guys spin, I've seen a guys momentum completely change from running forward, to falling backwards. He treats the football field like a war zone and I have gained so much respect for this man.
He will be leaving the team until the summer so he can continue to pursue his career in the military. His true example of dedication and hard work will be with us throughout the winter workouts and during spring ball.
He will be a senior this upcoming season.

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