SUU Football

SUU Football
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Squat Day

Every player on the team knows what Tuesday is: squat day. Squat day is the hardest work out which is why it's on Tuesday. Our day off is Wednesday, so we get a chance to relax and be able to function properly come Thursday morning at 6:30. The reason why I say "function properly" is simple. If you know anything about weight lifting, it's crazy to squat below parallel. If you don't know anything about weight lifting, it's crazy to drop your butt inches away from the ground with 405 pounds on your back. We pride ourselves in squatting lower than a catcher stance. So, when you see an SUU football player walking from class to class (especially climbing the stairs) you will see them limping, wobbling, or simply taking their sweet time. When we stand up from sitting in a chair or from lying down, most likely you'll hear a boisterous roar of sheer terror. You will know that Tuesday has come, and happily gone.
These are the things that help us get better, doing things no one else does. One time, this player sent a video to Coach Lamb of him squatting 750 pounds. And that is a lot of weight, but he didn't bend far enough to pick up his keys if he had dropped them. It might as well have been nullified. We love the pain because we know that it makes us better. That's all we want to do; is get better.

So, happy Tuesday!

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  1. I will leave the weight lifting to you. My Tuesday morning yoga class makes me groan enough a few hours later. Namaste!