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SUU Football
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Friday, March 2, 2012

Brennan Fjord

There is a guy on our team that everybody respects because of the crazy workouts he has done. The times that he has finished the workouts, and how he never stops. I look up to this guy when it comes to the workouts, because I believe nothing phases him. We all know that he has surpassed us greatly in the weight room, and it helps us try to close the gap between us and him.

Brennan Fjord is a senior from Sugarland, Texas. He is a transfer from Snow College that earned a starting spot at safety and had a rough year. He hates hearing about this, but he lost his starting spot towards the end of the season. That has propelled him to out-work everybody on the team because he wants to have that starting spot again.

The one thing that everybody has noticed is that he has voluntarily participated in cross fit training that takes place on Wednesday, our day off. When everybody is resting, doing homework, or working on their car (I worked on my car yesterday) he is getting better with a cross fit workout. I respect him, because I know just how hard those workouts are.

I stayed after a workout with him to do some abs, and I'm not trying to make any excuses but I think it's harder for me because I out weigh him by 40 pounds. However, he is an animal when he does abs. It is so hard to keep up with him. So, this one ab workout his feet were rested on a stool and I was sitting on his feet. He had to touch my hands for about a minute. I threw my hands in many different areas to keep his abs moving. He was doing so well, that it frustrated me to the point where I farted. That's a joke that he frustrated me, but I accidentally farted on him and we shared a laugh. Mine was a different laugh than his, because I didn't get farted on.

I love the kid, and I'm very appreciative of his work ethic and his friendship. When we watch him, it really inspires us to work harder.

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  1. so how come you dont work out on Wednesday? Weak and slow