SUU Football

SUU Football
Captains before game against Northen Iowa

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Football Really is Life

My Mom has the greatest quote of all time , "There are only two real sports: Football and Spring Football"

 (photo courtesy of my mom. Saturday Spring Scrimmage. I'm #25!)

I'm so happy I had a Texas momma to raise me and teach me what's important in life. Like treating people right always, and that you ate Thanksgiving dinner at half time of the Texas vs Texas A&M game. She has taught me way more important lessons in my life that I will never forget, but there are a few things that she taught me that not a lot of mother's would ever teach their kids. especially if they're from Oklahoma or Nebraska (rivals of University of Texas, or in other words, my Mom hates them).

She was the one that got me to play football, my Dad and brother taught me the game, and my two sisters cheered me on more than anybody. And for that, they live in the successes I have and enjoy the wins and cry during the losses with me. Our family loves football so much, and it really brings us together and it makes us closer than we already are. Although my Dad played it, I believe the love of football we all have comes from my Mom.

She was raised in Texas and football there is like church in Utah. It's the most important thing in the world. She brought that to Vegas for us. I am so happy she did, because if it was up to me I wouldn't be playing college football right now. It seems as though she has forced me to play, but it's because she knows my potential and that I can go through with the pains and become great. I still have a lot to prove, but I know there's at least five people I never have to prove it to.

Football really is our life. Family vacations include seeing a football game or traveling to Cedar City to watch my game. Then, of course, we go out to eat wherever there's a TV to watch even more football. My family is motivation to keep playing. I love them so much.

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  1. Great post Mikey... you really do have an awesome family! Your moms passion is contagious and inspirational. Miss you guys!