SUU Football

SUU Football
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Ball in the Snow

Apparently, for the fifth consecutive spring there was a scrimmage in the snow. It's kind of remarkable how it only snowed this spring on a Saturday. I believe Coach Ed Lamb has some sort of special power to guarantee recovery fro an injury by working out and also to bring down the snow. Saturday morning we saw that it might snow a little, and Coach Lamb said, "We want to be the best team in America, and we will have to train in the toughest conditions in order to be that. So, let's pray for a foot of snow and some of the boisterous Cedar wind." All we got was the snow, which was just enough.

 Brian Wilson carries the ball into the end zone for one of his 4 touchdowns in the scrimmage.

It was the one of the more fun experiences I had ever had in my football career. It wasn't freezing cold, and the snow came down during the entire scrimmage. I loved running through it, sliding through it, blocking through it, catching though it, and scoring through it. The best part of it all had to be how my teammates performed in the snow.

We had zero fumbles throughout the scrimmage. The quarterbacks were making their throws, the receivers were catching the balls, and no very many players were slipping. It was very impressive by everybody who played. I was proud of my team, and I had a whole lot of freaking fun!

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  1. great blog....and I can proudly say we were performing in the snow also....we didn't run, slide,block,catch or score....we did sit quietly in the blizzard and watch.
    Go T-Birds!