SUU Football

SUU Football
Captains before game against Northen Iowa

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Spring Game

We were not able to hold our annual Red and White game this year due to many injuries. We just had a regular scrimmage and it was nice. The weather was probably 50 degrees warmer than last week's scrimmage. I couldn't feel my toes due to all the snow from last week, and then this week, I got a sunburn. Cedar's weather is kind of nuts.

However, it was a great scrimmage. The offense made some good plays, the defense made some good plays, and the kickers kicked the ball in the air really well. There was a great relief when Coach Lamb blew the final whistle, I thought to myself, "Yes...." My body is also relieved that it's over, but the very next day I was missing it. I have this love/hate relationship with football, and that's what sports is I guess.

So, now the summer awaits us. That long and dread period where we don't get the proper coaching we're used to. It's all on our shoulders to get better. It's going to hurt, but that's the only way we get better.

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